Domain Price List

Runbox operates a domain credits system. Each credit costs USD 14.95 and domains cost a certain number of credits.

Some domains can be registered automatically from within the Runbox webmail system, but others can only be registered by Runbox Support at this time.

The table below shows the cost of a range of popular domains. The link in the TLD column will take you to the payment pages to purchase the required number of credits for that domain.

Many other TLDs are available upon request and you will need to contact us to find out how many credits are required for those domains.

 Domain Price (per year)
 com, net, org, info, name USD 14.95,  Credits: 1,,, uk USD 14.95,  Credits: 1
 eu USD 14.95,  Credits: 1
 us USD 14.95,  Credits: 1
 no, ws USD 29.90,  Credits: 2

Please contact us when your payment is completed to co-ordinate the domain name registration.

Domain Privacy

If you registered your domain through the Runbox webmail interface, you may be able to add domain privacy as an option. This replaces your personal details in the publicly accessible database of domains with private details belonging to our domain registrar.

Many domains do not allow domain privacy to be added. This can be because the registry protects certain details from being shown for their domains by default, or because private registration is not allowed for that domain type. We can advise you regarding the availability of domain privacy before you register your domain.

If domain privacy is available it costs USD 2.95. If you would like to take advantage of this option please contact Runbox Support .

  • Price example

    1 Mini main account
    plus 5 Micro sub-accounts:
    Only $74.7 per year, or just
    $6.2 per month

    Subscriptions are charged yearly and include an initial 60-day full money back guarantee