Runbox Solutions is an independent private Norwegian company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The Runbox email service was launched in September 2000, and the key people in Runbox Solutions have been involved since then. The company in its current form was founded in March 2011 and is owned by employees and board members (77.54% in 2018) and close associates.

As a Norwegian limited company, Runbox Solutions is regulated by strong Norwegian consumer and privacy rights. For details about the company, please see Runbox Solutions’ record in the Norwegian Registry of Business Enterprises (in Norwegian).


Runbox Solutions’ main product is the email service Runbox Mail Manager (RMM), which was launched globally in 2000 and since evolved into one of the world’s premier email services. Since the launch of RMM, approximately 1,000,000 accounts have been served.

Runbox Solutions also provides email hosting, domain hosting, and web hosting  services, as well as custom made email solutions.

The Runbox email service is managed and co-located with Copyleft Solutions, a close partner and minor shareholder of Runbox Solutions. The Runbox email servers are hosted at DigiPlex with world class access and fully redundant systems.


Runbox Solutions is built on a strong set of values that guides our business, our service development, and the relationship with our customers:

  • We believe that communication is a basic human need and that increased communication makes for a better world.
  • It is essential that human communication occurs securely and that privacy is ensured.
  • We care deeply about our impact on our planet and work to minimize our ecological footprint.

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