Core Team

  • Geir Thomas Andersen – Managing Director and RMM project manager.
  • Elisabeth Taraldsen – Support & Billing Manager and omnipresent overseer.
  • Kim Ervik – Marketing and web hosting powerhouse.
  • David Bowdley – Consultant and teacher of a great many things.
  • Hernan Lopes – Main developer who always has a solution.
  • Richard Carver – Developer, web hosting support consultant, and all-round wiz.

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Board members

  • Dag Asheim – Chairman.
    Founder, board member, and former CEO of Redpill-Linpro AS.
  • Åge Borg Andersen – Member.
    Former CEO of Norwegian Governmental Computer Centre, co-founder of ICT consulting firm Avenir AS, former management advisor and partner of Semco AS.
  • Kim Ervik – Member.
    Business Developer and SEO specialist.


  • Copyleft Solutions AS – Provides systems management for the Runbox services, and are all-around great guys any time of day — or night.
  • Shadowcat Systems Limited – open source software specialists ensuring the quality of the services we build.
  • Teknograd AS – Provides hosting services for the Runbox servers.


  • Salve J. Nilsen – Developer and chairman of Oslo Perl Mongers.
  • Anon. – Developer and a phenomenal XBlaster.
  • Reinhard Hopperger – Advisor and developer.
  • Sigurd Urdahl – Systems consultant and long time friend.
  • Christian Laverton – Perl and AJAX Developer.
  • Radu-Adrian Feurdean – IMAP Developer.
  • Trip Fulreader, for excellent frontpage design and coding.
  • Henry Jones, for always being a friendly and thoughtful presence on the Runbox user forum.

Former Employees

Runbox has relied on the contributions of many talented people over the years — here we present some of them.

  • Jan Schreiber – Jan was our main developer from 2004 to 2005 and contributed greatly to the application, developing email hosting as well as our new payment system.
  • Trond M. Michelsen – Trond was the main developer in 2003 – 2004, but moved on to Metereologisk Institutt (Norwegian Metereological Institute), at the University of Oslo. Trond did a great job uppgrading the webmail from version 3 to 4.
  • Arunav Mandal – Arunav was our system administrator from 2002 to 2004, and always a happy face.
  • Aasmund Godal – Provided inventive content management solutions (Envisity) and development in the early years.
  • Hårek Hansen
  • Bjørn Ove Fjellandsbø
  • Tor René Stryger
  • Terje Erlend Reite