Main Account

The first account you get with Runbox is called a main account. You pay the full price for this account and it is fully featured. The account is designed for one person, and if you need more accounts for yourself or other people then you can buy sub-accounts via your main account.

Note: you can add up to 100 Email Aliases to the main account, so it might be all you need if you want to collect all your mail to different addresses in one place.


Sub-accounts are very similar to the main accounts, but their price is significantly discounted, making them very cost effective. They have their own inbox, separate quotas and log in details; in everyday use you would not think of them as being any different to a main account. They are what you need if you want to give other people their own separate accounts from your main account.

Main accounts administer sub-accounts, and some of the administrative privileges are shown in the diagram below.

Note: runbox.* in the diagram above refers to any of our global domains that are available for customers to use. A full list is available on the Aliases page in your account.

Privacy and Sub-Accounts

One thing to bear in mind is that although sub-accounts have their own log in details and can set their own password, the main account can also set the password and can gain access to the sub-account this way. If the sub-account user has set their own password then they are likely to know if the main account changes the password, as the main account will not know what to return the password to.

Can I just buy more main accounts?

Yes, if you don’t want additional accounts to be linked to your main account, you can just buy more main accounts by signing up for them separately.

If you need more information about main and sub-accounts please contact us at Runbox Support.