The Race to Revolutionize Email

Runbox is in the business of innovative communication services and we have never been content merely copying other email services – and we don’t think you as an email user should be either.

We believe that the email service of the future will find new solutions to old problems, and organize email and related communications much more efficiently than today’s services are able to.

Email is the backbone of digital communication, social networks, and online identities, but continues to be a challenging and straining part of most people’s lives. In our experience the issue email users complain the most about is that email interfaces are slow, cumbersome, and inefficient to use, and that they are not well equipped to handle the increasing influx of messages.

At Runbox we are combining the massive experience we have accumulated over the years with a Viking innovation spirit to solve these problems by launching the Runbox 7 project.

Norwegian Research Council

Our aim is simple: To build the fastest webmail app on the planet and make email communication management more efficient than ever before.

To achieve this we launched a research and development project and built a powerful and innovative email indexing engine which forms the core of Runbox 7.

With funding from The Research Council of Norway and support from a number of open source projects the first stage of development, the Runbox 7 Webmail, is now publicly available.

The future of email

The inherent potential within the social networks formed by the email standard is yet untapped, and at Runbox we envision email interfaces that realize this potential by bringing the social connections, activities, and other information that email communication represents to the forefront.

After an extensive period of researching and gathering data about user experiences we have implemented innovative and intelligent data extraction and presentation powered by the Runbox 7 email indexing engine. The next development phases include incremental stages that will make Runbox 7 feature complete as a replacement for our existing user interface.

More importantly the project will introduce features that will turn Runbox 7 into a next-generation email management service and communication hub, integrating digital activity overviews, task management, synchronous messaging, event management, and more.

We would like to hear from you, the email users, as part of this discussion since we are building this service to make your email experience better.

You can take part in the race to revolutionize email by:

Get involved, and together we can make email efficient, enhanced, and enjoyable!