Payment Methods

Runbox offers several different payment methods for you to pay for your subscription and add-on products, and you will find more information about them on this page.

Note: Payments via credit/debit card, PayPal (using your credit/debit card) and Bitcoin can be processed automatically giving you immediate access to your new Runbox account. Other payment methods may take a number of days to reach us and be processed.

You can choose the Runbox products you need from our Payment Page.

Credit and Debit Cards

Runbox currently accepts both Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

For payment by other types of card please see the section below.

Some banks refuse credit/debit card transactions if they are being requested by a company outside the country the card was issued in. If this is the case, you can contact your bank and ask them to authorize the transaction. If you do not wish to contact your bank or find you still cannot pay after asking them for help, then please read the section below about paying using a card via PayPal without the need for a PayPal account.

Other Payment Cards

Even without a PayPal account you can use a wide variety of payment cards with the PayPal option. As the PayPal network is recognised worldwide we find that payments often complete with fewer problems.

The major cards below are accepted along with many regionally issued cards (e.g. the EC-Karte).

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Maestro

The actual cards offered via PayPal can vary according to the country you are in.


We now accept payment by Bitcoin. You can choose this option during the payment process on our website.


You can of course use an existing PayPal account and fund your purchase in whichever way you have set up through PayPal.

Pre-paid cards

There are a variety of pre-paid Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards that can be purchased. Some of these work with online purchases, and others do not. We tend to find that most don’t work with our payment processor, and as such we don’t recommend that you should plan to pay using this method of payment.

Bank Transfers

Runbox also accepts payment via direct bank transfer in US Dollars, Euro and Norwegian Krone. To pay using this method complete the payment process choosing “Pay with other methods”. Once you have completed the process you will be given our bank details so you can make the transfer.

Please consult your bank on the best and most cost effective way to make the transfer.

Note: Bank transfers can take a number of days to reach or and be processed. If you have to pay us this way, please pay or renew as early as possible before the expiry date of your account otherwise your account may expire while you are waiting for your transaction to be processed.

International Money Orders, Bank Drafts and Cash

Runbox will also accept the following payment methods.

  • International money orders (issued by banks only, see note below)
  • Bank drafts
  • Cash

Note: International postal orders cannot be accepted, but international money orders issued by a bank are acceptable.

Cash is sent at your own risk and is not recommended. We can advise you on which currency to send if you contact use via our support center first.

  • Price example

    1 Mini main account
    plus 5 Micro sub-accounts:
    Only $74.7 per year, or just
    $6.2 per month

    Subscriptions are charged yearly and include an initial 60-day full money back guarantee