Runbox offers several different payment methods for you to pay for your subscription and add-on products.

Note: We are no longer able to accept paper-based payments such as cheques/checks or international money orders as they are no longer accepted by banks in Norway.

You can choose the Runbox products you need from our Payment Page.

Credit and Debit Cards

Runbox currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay cards. We use Stripe as our payments partner.

This is our preferred payment methods as we can process these payments automatically and they can be used for automatic renewal of your subscription.

Pre-paid cards from the issuers above may also be accepted for payment. However, some providers of pre-paid cards do have restrictions that might affect whether our payment processor (Stripe) is able to process your particular card.

If your card is declined by your bank, you should contact them and ask them to allow the payment.


We accept one-off payments via PayPal. If you fund PayPal with your credit or debit card your payment should be processed by us automatically.

Note: We no longer support new automatic renewals via PayPal.


We now accept payment by Bitcoin via our payment partner Bitpay. You can choose this option during the payment process on our website.

SWIFT Bank Transfers

Runbox also accepts payment via direct bank transfer in US Dollars and Norwegian Krone. To pay using this method complete the payment process choosing “Pay with other methods”. Once you have completed the process you will be given a transaction ID and our bank details so you can make the transfer.

Please consult your bank on the best and most cost effective way to make the transfer.

Note: Bank transfers can take a number of days to reach or and be processed. If you have to pay us this way, please pay or renew as early as possible before the expiry date of your account otherwise your account may expire while you are waiting for your transaction to be processed.


Cash is sent via regular mail at your own risk, and is not generally recommended.

We can advise you on which currency to send if you contact use via our support center first.

Note: Be advised that payments sent by regular mail may be delayed or lost, and that they require manual processing. Therefore you should send such payments well ahead (at least 3 weeks) of your trial or subscription period’s expiration. You may avoid delays and service disruptions by scanning (or taking a picture of) the payment prior to sending it in the mail, and emailing it to