Runbox works continuously to decrease CO2 emissions from our operations and act in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our environmental policy lays out our commitments to reducing, reusing, and recycling our resources. In our policy we also pledge to doubly offset any CO2 emissions that do result from our operations despite our email service being entirely hydropowered.

We are supporting the Norwegian company Trefadder in order to plant trees sufficient to compensate doubly for the emissions that result from our business.

Trefadder (“Tree sponsor”) is a Norwegian initiative to grow forests as a coordinated effort between local farms in Norway. Their work has the following main objectives:

  • Planting is based on scientifically verifiable effects.
  • Documented implementation and results.
  • Lower costs than international climate offsets.
  • Positive synergies for Norwegian farms

We encourage other companies to offset their own emissions in order to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.