Third party services

This is a list of optional third party services that may be used through the Service, and that may process your User Data.

Name Category Jurisdiction GDPR status Purpose User Data disclosed
BitPay Financial USA Compliance planned Payment service; requires an existing BitPay account. TID (transaction identifier), product details.
Cloudmark Webmail USA TBD Spam analysis utility. Message headers and content.
DNB Financial Norway (EEA) Compliant Banking services. Username and TID (transaction identifier).
Enom Domain hosting USA Compliant Domain name hosting. Domain name, name, address, email address, phone number.
JaguarPC Web hosting USA Compliance planned Web hosting service. Web hosting account username and password, domain name, email address.
Nets Financial Norway (EEA) Compliant Credit card processor. TID (transaction identifier), credit card details, IP address, location.
Norid Domain hosting Norway (EEA) Compliant Domain name hosting for .no domains. Domain name, name, address, email address, phone number.
PayPal Financial USA Compliant Payment service; requires an existing PayPal account or one-time registration with PayPal. UID (numeric unique identifier), email address, name, product details.
Tripletex Financial Norway (EEA) Compliance planned Accounting service for SWIFT payments, money orders, and cheques. Name, product details.


Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how Runbox processes User Data.

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