Privacy Policy

Updated 29.05.2015. Effective 01.07.2015.

Runbox Solutions AS (“Runbox Solutions”), a company incorporated and located in Norway, provides users with email, web, and domain hosting services (the “Service”). The personal data collected from you through the Service is processed according to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

The Privacy Policy is compliant with the guidelines issued by The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA), an independent public agency established for protecting individuals’ right to privacy regarding their personal data.

Runbox Solutions may change the Privacy Policy at any time with 30 days prior notice.


Purpose of processing

When registering an account with the Service you are asked to provide certain information, such as your name and contact information. Some information is required in order for us to deliver the Service and fulfill our obligations to you, while other information may be given at your discretion and is marked as optional.

The information will also be used to customize the Service for you, to maintain the quality of the Service, for anonymous, statistical purposes, and to provide us with an alternate means of contacting you if necessary.

The Service is subject to and compliant with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Norway, the Personal Data Act, and Personal Data Regulations.

You can find more information about Norway’s privacy regulations at The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA). None of the data collected through the Service is sensitive by the definition of the law, and therefore not subject to notification to the DPA.

Responsibility of processing

Runbox Solutions, by the managing director, is responsible for the personal data registered. This responsibility includes ensuring that personal data is processed according to Norwegian laws and regulations.

Data Protection Officer

In accordance with the recommendations from the DPA, Runbox Solutions has appointed an internal Data Protection Officer (DPO), whose main responsibility is to ensure that the company follows the privacy regulations specified in the Personal Data Act, Section 11.

The DPO also serves as liaison between Runbox Solutions and the DPA. Runbox Solutions’ DPO is authorized by the DPA, which allows Runbox Solutions to use the official Data Protection Officer logo.

Account Information


You consent to provide us with the following personal data when you register an account: First name, last name, company name (where applicable), mobile phone number (where applicable), country, and alternative email address.

You may update this information at any time in the “Account” section in the Service.

Storage and deletion

All your Account Information is stored on servers located in Norway and can be deleted upon request after closure of the account. Account Information is otherwise kept after account closure in case claims or complaints are set forth by former customers or users, and in order to provide former customers and users with news and offers. You can opt out of such communication by contacting Runbox Support.

Runbox Solutions does not store credit card information because we have outsourced credit card transactions to an external payment gateway. The payment gateway does not collect or store personal details.

Accounts are non-transferrable, but relatives of a deceased account owner may request deletion of the account upon presenting official documentation and identification.

Account Content

Email services

Email service content (data associated with Webmail, Contacts, and Files in the Service) is stored in main storage on servers located in Norway for as long as your account is active and:

  • up to 3 months after closure of trial accounts; or
  • up to 6 months after closure of subscribed accounts.

This is done as a service in case you should decide to reactivate your account or wish to access your email if your subscription expires by mistake. In this period of quarantine, your data will not be available unless you resubscribe to the Service.

You can however request to have your email data deleted (and your account terminated) immediately by contacting Runbox Support.

Backup is stored on secure servers separate from the Runbox system for up to 6 months, even after the content has been deleted from the main storage, except for accounts that activated the “No backup” feature more than 6 months prior to this.

In order to provide virus and spam protection, incoming and outgoing email might be automatically scanned. Additionally, automatic indexing of email contents occurs in order to provide email search facilities.

Web hosting

If you choose to use Runbox Web Hosting, the data you upload and your Runbox email address will be stored on the web hosting server which is located in the US (default) and in Norway. No personal data will be stored on the web hosting server automatically.

Domain names

If you register a domain name via the Service, your personal data will be stored with the registrar in the US (default), Norway, or other countries depending on the Top-level Domain (TLD) and your preference. For details, please see this page:

Correspondence with Runbox Staff


If you correspond with us via e-mail, the postal service, or other forms of communication, we will retain such correspondence and the information contained therein to more efficiently respond to any future inquiries.

Contact form

The information you submit through will be transferred to our support system.

Support system

Our support system is installed on a secure server in Norway. The support tickets are only accessible to authorized Runbox Staff and the person who submitted the ticket.

Other information


A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookies allows the website to “remember” your actions or preferences over time.

Your browser has to be set to allow cookies in order to use the Service. The Service utilizes cookies to simplify the connection and data transfer between the client (your device) and the server (our web site).

Our website uses cookies to:

  • identify users during sessions;
  • remember users’ custom preferences; and
  • help users complete tasks without having to re-enter information.

Server logs

Basic information about your usage of the Service is logged on the servers for system administration purposes, to help diagnose problems, prevent abuse, keep our systems secure, and keep statistics in order to improve our services.

Server logs relating to email delivery are stored for 1 week, while server logs relating to usage of the web interface might be stored longer in order to generate anonymous statistics.

This information is stored on the same servers that our services run on and is not sent to any other company, and we do not pass on statistics to anyone else.

Runbox Solutions’ hosting provider and ISP do not log any traffic to or from our servers.

No web beacons

We do not use web beacons. Web beacons are transparent pixel images that are used in collecting information about website usage, e-mail response, and tracking.

No tracking

We do not utilize any tracking facility such as Google Analytics. That means that we do not share your usage patterns with anyone and that you will not receive any advertisements based on your usage of the Service.

No advertisements

We do not use any advertisements on our website and we do not scan your email in order to display such ads.


Runbox Solutions will treat your Account Information and Account Content confidentially, and our employees, associates, and partners are under a duty of confidentiality to Runbox Solutions. We will not sell or exchange your Account Information with anyone for marketing purposes or any other reason.

Runbox Solutions will not disclose your Account Information, or access or disclose your Account Content, except with your written permission or unless acting under good faith that such action is necessary to:

  • conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process pursuant to Norwegian law;
  • protect or defend the rights or property of Runbox Solutions; or
  • enforce the Terms of Service.


Secure storage

Your Account Information and email service data are stored on secure servers located in maximum security facilities. Only you can log in to your account as long as you do not divulge your login information to anyone. Runbox Solutions will never ask you for your login details and you must never disclose these details to anyone.

Secure transmission

No data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Although Runbox Solutions strives to employ the strongst security technologies available we cannot warrant the security of any information you transmit to us, and we recommend encrypting your messages if you are concerned about email being intercepted in transit.

Safe Harbor Principles

Safe Harbor is the name of a policy agreement established between the United States Department of Commerce and the European Union (E.U.) in November 2000 to regulate the way that U.S. companies handle the personal data (such as names and addresses) that is transmitted from Europe.

As a Norwegian company, Runbox Solutions is not subject to the principles included in the agreement. However, Runbox Solutions fulfills the requirements stated in those principles.

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