In the age of Internet surveillance, big data, and targeted advertisements, email users are exposed to potential privacy intrusions by the authorities, transnational corporations, and criminals who exploit personal or sensitive information.

Runbox’ email servers are hosted in Norway, and Runbox Solutions operates under Norwegian legislation which protects our customers’ data. Our services are protected by Extended Validation SSL with Perfect Forward Secrecy, ensuring encrypted communications between client and server.

See a full list of our privacy features and policies

No Backup

The Runbox email servers are located in a top security facility in Norway with multiple layers of both physical and digital security measures. Included with our email services are daily backup snapshots to prevent any data loss in case messages are deleted erroneously. The backup files are kept for 6 months, at which point they are permanently deleted.

The privacy minded customer may not wish for such backups to be generated, and for these customers Runbox offers email accounts on separate, dedicated disk volume without backup. This means that when you delete an email it is immediately and permanently removed from our servers.

To get the No Backup feature enabled on your account, please contact Runbox Support stating your Runbox username.

Please note that any existing backup snapshots made before the account was moved to a no-backup volume will remain on a separate backup server for up to 6 months for technical reasons. As time passes each snapshot will be permanently deleted until all snapshots are removed after 6 months. Find out more about backup

Domain Privacy

When a domain is registered, details of the domain owner are passed to a registrar and the registry that runs that particular top-level domain (TLD) such as .com, .uk, .eu and others.

Registries usually make some details relating to a domain’s registration public. With some domains this includes the full name, postal address, email address and telephone number of the registrant, whether they are a business or a private individual. In other cases only a name is shown, and in others only a contact email address is made available.

To find out how domain registration works in relation to your personal details, please see our page Domains: How Your Details are Used.

With some domains you can purchase domain privacy. This can replace some of the personal data for a domain with generic data that belongs to an officially established domain privacy company. Which data can be replaced depends on the domain and the registrar used. It is important that domain privacy is done properly via an officially established company, as providing false registration data in order to maintain privacy is against the terms and conditions for registering domains, and can result in the domain being suspended or cancelled. It also guards against disputes about who a domain belongs to as legally the name in the “registrant” field is the owner; when using domain privacy this name may not be yours.

If you are interested in getting domain privacy for your domains, please contact Runbox Support for further information about the particular domain you are thinking of registering.

Web Hosting in Norway

Note: Please enquire about this service as we are currently not offering new web hosting accounts for general purchase.

While all of our email services are in Norway, we do offer a choice of location when it comes to web hosting.

The majority of our web hosting uses servers in the USA. This sometimes surprises our customers, but with websites generally being intended to be public there are no privacy issues because the content is intended to be seen by anyone visiting the website. In addition, many of our customers are based in the USA, and there can be some benefit in having your website hosted geographically close to your intended audience, as there can be lower latency in pages loading.

However, there are instances where a customer may prefer to host their website in Norway, and this might be because they are storing private data on the server, or just prefer the additional legal safeguards that hosting in Norway may offer.

Norwegian web hosting can be added to any of our emails plans. Once you have purchased a web hosting product please contact Runbox Support and tell us you require the Norwegian hosting option and we will get the account set up on the server for you.