When you choose Runbox you will discover how simple it is to move from other email providers. Our email import tools, contact list import, and email domain administration make it easy to copy all your data and then safely make the switch to a secure and private email service.

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Importing your email to Runbox

Crystal_Clear_app_download_managerWe know how important your email is and how easy it is to feel “stuck” at your current provider because you don’t want the risk (or hassle) of moving it anywhere.

Fear no more — with Runbox’ email synchronization tool you can copy all your email from Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, etc to Runbox and not risk anything.

You simply enter the login details of your email provider into our IMAP Import tool, press a button, and Runbox takes care of the rest. All your email folders will be synchronized from your current provider to Runbox while you sit back and relax.

You can even import your email several times and only new email will be copied over. It doesn’t get simpler than this!

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Importing contacts to Runbox

Importing your contacts from another service is straightforward with Runbox’ contact import tool. We support the standard CSV format for contact export/import which makes it easy to transfer your contacts.

After exporting your contacts from the other service, our import wizard helps you import your contacts exactly the way you want.

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Moving domains to Runbox

Runbox offers complete email and domain hosting services which makes it easy for you to host your domain’s email with us.

If your email is hosted on your own domain you can just add your domain to Runbox’ Email Hosting Administration screen. By changing a simple setting at your domain registrar your domain’s email will then be delivered to your Runbox account, while your domain can stay where it is.

You can also move the actual domain to Runbox and let us handle the domain configuration by using our Domain Hosting service.

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